Lark of the Battlefield

Surveying the damage after my Hyper Fighting jaunt, I notice it was also in fact my 500th game on SF2′ HF on XBL. My overall rank is currently #4062. 309 wins and 191 losses. Considering the amount of cheating that goes on in the upper rankings, plug pulling etc. I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve been in the top 3000 a few times, and spent some time lower than 10,000. And deep down I believe I belong a bit higher, but still, I feel that its not far from accurate about my play on the game right now, which is all I really care about as far as XBL ratings go.

A Man of the Battlefield

With Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 expected out NEXT WEEK, and with it the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta test, I wonder how much more Hyper Fighting I will play, if any. I doubt if any of my matches can live up to #500 😉  It could be time to crank up more Virtua Fighter 5 in the interim. More likely I’ll have to start practicing SFAC as for the first time I will be relegated to shotokan scrubbery. For the HD remix beta period I will have to play as Ryu for the first time in the SF2 series. 😦  (although for the record, I do use him in Vs series, where he actually kinda sucks a lot of the time, and in SF3, where I actually find him quite fun). There is no ****ing way I am playing as that asshole Kenneth, naturally.


Sorry, did I say SSF2T HD Remix beta test? Silly me, I should’ve read the Xbox newsletter more carefully.. “buy it now and get a code for the Street Fighter IV beta test too!”.

Of course.


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